Visiting Jenskær, a very beautiful location, I shot some photos of the Cordulegaster boltoni, a very large and majestic dragonfly. For the first time I also managed to photograph the female, which is very similar to the male, but even larger.

The photos have been added to the gallery.

I have visited the area around Brude Sø several times during the last month, and been lucky to shoot a lot of good photos of the Gomphus vulgatissimus, which have now been added to the gallery.

At my first visit back in mid May the species had just emerged, with bright yellow and black body colours, very pale greenish eyes, and the wings folded together in a upright position when perched.

Just one or two weeks later, the yellow colour of the body had faded a little bit and the eyes where now bright green.

At the next visit a week later, the colour difference between the male and the female was more distinct, the male now with a much more pale greenish body colour.

Near the location of Brude Sø, I shot some photos of the two species Orthetrum cancellatum and Libellula depressa.
Especially for the Orthetrum cancellatum it was very difficult to get close enough to get a good photograph. Every time I was almost ready to take the shot, it just flew and landed a few meters away, but hey, that is the charm of photographing dragonflies.

Dragonfly season 2014 has started, actually over a month ago, which is pretty early compared to last year. So I have of course been out hunting dragonflies with my new camera several times already.

My trips have mainly been to the location Brude Sø, with the mission to shoot some photos of the species Gomphus vulgatissimus and Libellula fulva. New photos of the latter have now been added to the gallery, and I will be adding photos of Gomphus vulgatissimus and some other species shortly.