Left work early yesterday and drove to a location close to the town of Gammel Rye. I have been fortunate to observe Gomphus vulgatissimus here several years in a row. Last year though, I only spotted one single specimen the entire season due to bad weather.
This year the spring has been warmer and more sunny, so expectations were high and it did not take long before they were met. Right after parking the car I saw the first four Gomphus vulgatissimus, all resting in the same small tree. On top of that, I also spotted the first Libellula fulva this season, one Libellula depressa, one Libellula quadrimaculata, two Calopteryx virgo and many Cordulia aenea. Unfortunately I did not get that many good photos of the Gomphus vulgatissimus, as weather quickly became very cloudy. Hopefully I will get the opportunity to visit this area soon again.

The first weeks of May were very warm and sunny, almost like summer. Optimal conditions for dragonfly hunting, so I was of course out with my camera several times.
More species had now emerged at Rands Fjord. I spotted and photographed several Brachytron pratense and Cordulia aenea, and also a few Coenagrion pulchellum. Many of the Brachytron pratense and Cordulia aenea were newly emerged, resting with the wings folded together.
I have used the past week, which has been rather cold and rainy, to go through the photos and update the photo gallery.

Another warm spring day in Denmark, and another day out hunting dragonflies for me.

Visited several local lakes today, hoping to find Pyrrhosoma nymphula and maybe also Cordulia aenea and Brachytron pratense. It is however still early in the season, so I only spotted Pyrrhosoma nymphula and only few specimens, except at my favorite location at Rands Fjord. Here Pyrrhosoma nymphula is quite numerous now. I also managed to shoot some photos, which have been added to the gallery.

It looks like the warm weather will continue for at least another week, so can’t be long before other species will emerge.

After a long, wet and very cold April, the dragon fly season of 2016 has finally started.

Today I went out to my favorite location at Rands Fjord, hoping to find some newly emerged Pyrrhosoma nymphula. I did not need to search long before I spotted the first few specimens. I even got a couple of photos, which have been added to the gallery.