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True Dragonflies

Dragonflies are insects in the sub-order Anisoptera (meaning “unequal-winged”). Hind wings are usually shorter and broader than forewings. They are usually large, strongly flying insects that can often be found flying well away from water. When at rest, they hold their wings out from the body, often at right angles to it. The eyes are very large and usually touch, at least at a point. The larvae have no external lamellae (gill plates).

Aeshna affinis

Sydlig Mosaikguldsmed

Aeshna cyanea

Blå Mosaikguldsmed

Aeshna grandis

Brun Mosaikguldsmed

Aeshna isoceles


Aeshna juncea


Aeshna mixta


Aeshna serrata

Baltisk Mosaikguldsmed

Aeshna subarctica


Aeshna viridis

Grøn Mosaikguldsmed

Anax imperator

Stor Kejserguldsmed

Anax parthenope

Lille Kejserguldsmed

Brachytron pratense

Håret Mosaikguldsmed

Cordulegaster boltoni


Cordulia aenea

Grøn Smaragdlibel

Epitheca bimaculata

Toplettet Falkelibel

Gomphus flavipes

Gulbenet Flodguldsmed

Gomphus pulchellus

Vestlig Flodguldsmed

Gomphus vulgatissimus

Almindelig Flodguldsmed

Hemianax ephippiger

Brun Kejserguldsmed

Leucorrhinia albifrons

Østlig Kærguldsmed

Leucorrhinia caudalis


Leucorrhinia dubia

Lille Kærguldsmed

Leucorrhinia pectoralis

Stor Kærguldsmed

Leucorrhinia rubicunda

Nordisk Kærguldsmed

Libellula fulva

Spidsplettet Libel

Libellula quadrimaculata

Fireplettet Libel

Onychogomphus forcipatus

Lille Tangguldsmed

Ophiogomphus cecilia

Grøn Kølleguldsmed

Orthetrum brunneum

Sydlig Blåpil

Somatochlora arctica

Arktisk Smaragdlibel

Somatochlora flavomaculata

Plettet Smaragdlibel

Somatochlora metallica

Glinsende Smaragdlibel

Sympetrum danae

Sort Hedelibel

Sympetrum flaveolum

Gulvinget Hedelibel

Sympetrum fonscolombii

Rødåret Hedelibel

Sympetrum meridionale

Sydlig Hedelibel

Sympetrum pedemontanum

Båndet Hedelibel

Sympetrum sanguineum

Blodrød Hedelibel

Sympetrum striolatum

Stor Hedelibel

Sympetrum vulgatum

Almindelig Hedelibel

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