I have visited the location Resenbro several times this summer, every time with the goal to shoot some photos of one of my favourite odonates, the Ophiogomphus cecilia.

The abundance of Ophiogomphus cecilia seems to vary a lot at this location. Some days there where many, and they where relatively easy to get within shooting range of. Other days there where only a few camera shy ones, and I had to go home empty handed.

I have just added the many new photos from my successful trips to the gallery.

The Ophiogomphus cecilia (or Grøn Kølleguldsmed in Danish) is in my opinion one of the most amazing and beautiful dragonflies living here in Denmark.
It is relatively rare here, and also listed as a protected species under Article 17 of the EU Habitats Directive. Its preferred habitat is larger rivers, and it can be found at some of the largest rivers in Denmark like Gudenåen and Skjern Å.

After spending almost two very sunny and warm days at one good location close to the city of Silkeborg, the result was a thousand mosquito bites but fortunately also some very good new shots of the Ophiogomphus cecilia which have now been added to the gallery.

The past week I have spent a lot of hours out in the warm sun hunting dragonflies with my camera. Most time I used in the area just south of the city of Silkeborg. Here there is a lot of lakes and good dragonfly habitats, inhabited by many different species including several rare ones like Cordulegaster boltoni, Orthetrum coerulescens and Gomphus vulgatissimus.

New photos of the following species have been added to the gallery: Orthetrum cancellatum, Aeshna isoceles, Libellula fulva, Orthetrum coerulescens, Somatochlora metallica, Cordulegaster boltoni, Aeshna grandis, Gomphus vulgatissimus and Cordulia aenea.

After almost an entire week of warm summer weather and several successful dragonfly photo expeditions, a lot of new photos have now been added to the site.

During this week I managed to get some very good photographs of four new species:  Anax ImperatorGomphus VulgatissimusOphiogomphus Cecilia and Libellula Fulva. The last three actually at the same spot near the city of Silkeborg.

It was not easy to get these shots, required a lot of patience and sneaking around, but it was well worth it.

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