Cordulegaster Boltoni Transformation on Video

Another amazing video of a nymph to adult dragonfly transformation, this time the Cordulegaster boltoni.

Ophiogomphus Cecilia Transformation on Video

Found this amazing video showing the transformation of a Ophiogomphus cecilia from nymph to adult dragonfly.

New Photos of the Amazing Ophiogomphus Cecilia

The Ophiogomphus cecilia (or Grøn Kølleguldsmed in Danish) is in my opinion one of the most amazing and beautiful dragonflies living here in Denmark. It is relatively rare here, and also listed as a protected species under Article 17 of…

A Week Out Shooting Dragonflies

The past week I have spent a lot of hours out in the warm sun hunting dragonflies with my camera. Most time I used in the area just south of the city of Silkeborg. Here there is a lot of lakes and good dragonfly habitats, inhabited by many different…