Dragonflies at Sebberup

As the weather finally has become warmer (a lot warmer actually) the abundance of dragonflies has also increased rapidly the last weeks.

I have been visiting the location Sebberup several times lately. It consists of several small lakes surrounded by meadow and forest areas. So, a perfect habitat for dragonflies. Especially Orthetrum cancellatum and Libellula quadrimaculata are very abundant at this location. Also the relatively rare Aeshna isoceles is well represented here and the same goes for Anax imperator.

I have almost exclusively been using my Canon EF 100-400mm L II lens because of the extra reach it gives me compared to my Canon EF 100mm L macro lens. It is perfect for photographing especially the larger dragonflies at an appropriate distance that does not scare them off. It has enabled me to get photos of the Aeshna isoceles when perched on vegetation at the lake side which were impossible to reach with a 100mm lens. Only when it comes to true macro close-ups and the small dragonflies and damselflies the 100mm macro is a better choice. The Canon EF 100-400mm L II produces very sharp and detailed photos and its minimum focusing distance of just below one meter is a great benefit.

New photos of Orthetrum cancellatum, Libellula quadrimaculata, Aeshna isoceles, Anax imperator and Libellula depressa have been added to the gallery.