May 2024 Dragonfly Status

May 2024 has almost passed and it has been a relative warm and sunny month, so great for hunting dragonflies.

I have mostly been visiting the local lakes at Sebberup watching the early season dragonfly species emerge quite rapidly within a few weeks due to the warm weather.

As usual Pyrrhosoma nymphula and Cordulia aenea were the first to emerge soon followed by Brachytron pratense, Coenagrion pulchellum and Libellula quadrimaculata. Especially Cordulia aenea and Libellula quadrimaculata have been very abundant this year.

Mid May I spotted the first Libellula depressa and quite many Aeshna isoceles, the latter not yet active at the lakes but mostly resting in the nearby vegetation. Lately Orthetrum cancellatum, Calopteryx virgo and Anax imperator have also started show.

I have updated the gallery with new photos and new edits of existing photos.