More Photos of Aeshna grandis

It’s late summer and soon autumn will arrive which can also be seen by which species of dragonflies are most abundant right now: Darters like Sympetrum sanguineum, Sympetrum striolatum and Sympetrum vulgatum, and hawkers like Aeshna cyanea, Aeshna grandis and Aeshna mixta.

Went on a photo expedition to one of my local lakes yesterday and here there were many Aeshna grandis, so I again managed to shoot several photos of this species. In addition, I also got a few photos of Aeshna grandis, Aeshna mixta and Anax imperator. The photo gallery has been updated.

I am currently almost exclusively using my 100-400 mm lens which is not that good for shooting smaller species like darters and damselflies in general, so didn’t get any shots of Sympetrum sanguineum and Lestes viridis even though I saw many of those too. Will use my 100 mm macro next time.