New Photos of Aeshna isoceles Added

The first, and up till now only time I have been able to photograph the Aeshna isoceles goes back a couple of seasons.

It is not an easy dragonfly to get within shooting range of. First of all it is not so common in my area of Denmark. Secondly it flies around hunting for insects for long periods at a time, and does not rest very often. When it finally does it is difficult to get close enough to without scaring it off again.

Only at one occation last season I spotted several Aeshna isoceles at my favorite location at Rands Fjord, but did not manage to shoot any photos. So this season I have been visiting the same location many times, hoping to spot it again.

Then yesterday, I was finally lucky to spot one flying around, circling the same area over and over again. After some time it began to search for spot to land, and did so close to me. I was able to sneak in very close and get some good shots, even though I was at the same time finding myself surrounded by a group of curious cows, just to make things worse.

The photos have been added to the gallery.