Photographing Aeshna isoceles

This year Aeshna isoceles has been very abundant in the first half of June at my favorite location Rands Fjord. So I have been very determined to get some good photos of it, resulting in many afternoon drives to Rands Fjord and a lot of time spent waiting with the camera at the lake for just the right moment.

Generally around five or more Aeshna isoceles were each patrolling their own small territory of the lake, and even though they were actually resting quite often in the lakeside vegetation, it was most often in a position where you needed to be out in the lake to get the best photos. It was also not easy to get within shooting range without scaring them off, at least not with my 100mm macro.

However patience pays off and I managed to get some good close-up photos, but I had to walk into the lake in my jeans and hiking shoes until the water was just below my knees. A wet, cold and dirty experience but well worth the effort.

The new photos have been added to the gallery.