Danish common name: Efterårs-Mosaikguldsmed

The most common small hawker, but beware of confusion with the similar-sized Brachytron pratense, especially earlier in the season. Numerous in much of our area and especially associated with late summer and autumn in the north, when it may appear in massive migrations. It is usually identified by its size, relatively dull colors and the yellow ‘nail’ mark at the abdomen base.


Total: 56-64 mm.
Abdomen: 43-54 mm.
Hindwing: 37-42 mm.


Breeds in a wide range of still and slow-flowing waters with some riparian vegetation, such as reeds. Avoids acidic water but tolerates brackish water. May be found anywhere when migrating or hunting.

Flight Season

From August to September.

Range and Status

Common in Denmark.