An African species that extends into adjacent Eurasia. Once common only in the Mediterranean region, the robust and aggressive, virtually all-red male is becoming an increasingly common sight further north.


Total: 36-45 mm.
Abdomen: 18-33 mm.
Hindwing: 23-33 mm.


Almost any open stagnant water, including rice paddies and brackish lagoons. Seeks out warmer microclimates in the north; these can be at sheltered, shallow clear waters with dense aquatic vegetation, such as gravel pits.

Flight Season

From July to August.

Range and Status

Rare in Denmark.

Source: Dijkstra, K-D,Schröter, Asmus. Field Guide to the Dragonflies of Britain and Europe: 2nd edition (Field Guides) (p. 666). Bloomsbury Publishing.