Baskettails are large, strong fliers, most often seen cruising over open water, rarely perched. The single European species (more occur in Japan and especially North America) is a shy, brownish corduliid, with boldly marked wings and without green metallic colours. Although its sustained flight, vertical resting posture, lobed eye-margin, long legs and male’s anal triangle and tibial keels make it a typical corduliid, confusion with Libellula species is more likely. With its larger size and habit of roving sbout over water far from the edge, the ‘twinspot’ can best be observed with binoculars.


Total: 55-65 mm.
Abdomen: 37-43 mm.
Hindwing: 36-44 mm.


Small and rather deep lakes, meso- to eutrophic, with much submerged and floating vegetation, containing fish, partly or completely surrounded by trees or bushes, e.g. oxbows, forest lakes gravel pits and fishponds.

Flight Season

From mid June to August.

Range and Status

Rare in Denmark.