Prefers very large rivers and may easily be overlooked. Populations can best be found by searching for exuviae on riverbanks. Replaced in Turkey by the very similar S. ubadschii , which is often treated as a subspecies of S. flavipes .


Total: 50-55 mm.
Abdomen: 37-42 mm.
Hindwing: 30-35 mm.


Slow-flowing lower sections of large rivers with sandy beds. Larvae burrow shallowly in fine substrates with relatively high concentrations of organic matter.

Flight Season

From early June to early October,

Range and Status

Not yet registered in Denmark.

Source: Dijkstra, K-D,Schröter, Asmus. Field Guide to the Dragonflies of Britain and Europe: 2nd edition (Field Guides) (p. 438). Bloomsbury Publishing.