Danish common name: Grøn Kobbervandnymfe.

Together with its sister species Lestes parvidens, these are the ‘odd ones out’ among Lestes by both their appearance and habits, and are therefore sometimes placed under their own genus, Chalcolestes. Both species are easily noted for their vivid green colour, pale appendages, large size and their habit of hiding in trees and bushes. They are the only European odonates to lay eggs in live wood.


Total: 39-48 mm.
Abdomen: 29-39 mm.
Hindwing: 23-28 mm.


Almost any type of standing or slow flowing water with bordering trees or bushes. Unlike other Lestes, does not favour ephemeral conditions (e.g. shallows, drying-out pans).

Flight Season

From mid-July to November, most abundant in August and September.

Range and Status

Rare in Denmark.