Danish common name: Lille Kærguldsmed.

The dominant whiteface in many areas, often the only one at the edge of its range, but also widely overlapping with the closely similar Leucorrhinia rubicunda. The two are difficult to distinguish with certainty without capture, although relative different in size, shape, abdominal and wing spots aid identification in the field.


Total: 31-36 mm.
Abdomen: 21-27 mm.
Hindwing: 23-28 mm.


Bogs, ponds, tarns and lakes, usually acidic and often in forest. The larvae are sensitive to fish predation, and so the species does better where fish are not present, such as small pools in raised bogs.

Flight Season

From mid April to early September. Most abundant from late May to mid July.

Range and Status

Relatively rare in Denmark.