The largest whiteface and the prevailing one in many lowland and more eutrophic areas, although almost always very local. The conspicuous yellow spot on S7 identifies males and most females through binoculars.


Total: 32-39 mm.
Abdomen: 34-27 mm.
Hindwing: 30-33 mm.


Generally inhabits less acidic and nutrient-poor habitats than Leucorrhinia dubia and Leucorrhinia rubicunda, preferring marshy borders, to bogs, forest lakes, fenlands, marshy ditches, oxbows and even sluggish rivers or canals. Vegetation is typically lush and varied, with both emergent and submerged species. The water is frequently mesotrophic and often coloured brown due to peat.

Flight Season

From early May to early August. Most abundant in late May and June.

Range and Status

Rare in Denmark.