Danish common name: Spidsplettet Libel.

A local species throughout our area that prefers slow-moving waters, bordered with tall emergent vegetation. The appearance of the male changes dramatically with maturation: vivid orange tenerals turn into black and grey-blue territorial males. Nonetheless, both extremes are easily recognised by coloration of the body and wings.


Total: 42-45 mm.
Abdomen: 25-29 mm.
Hindwing: 32-38 mm.


Appears to require a certain combination of water quality and habitat structure., the latter usually borders of reeds or other rich riparian growth. Habitats include slow-flowing rivers and streams, abandoned canals, reedy lakes and ditches, oxbows and fishponds.

Flight Season

From late April to early August. Most activity is concentrated in May and June.

Range and Status

Relatively rare in Denmark.