Called ‘la déesse précieuse’ in French: the Precious Goddess. Nehalennia was a goddess worshipped in the Rhine area in Roman times. This tiny odonate is perhaps the most fragile in our area, because of its weak flight, delicate size and build, and its vulnerability to landscape change. These petite, metallic-green damselflies mostly inhabit stands of sleek sedges in bogs, where they live concealed among leaves. They are very inconspicuous and their presence may not be apparent until the adults are flushed from their retreats.


Total: 24-26 mm.
Abdomen: 19-25 mm.
Hindwing: 11-16 mm.


Confined to specifically-structured vegetation, usually in wet depressions of bogs or shallow borders of acidic, nutrient-poor lakes, with uniform growths of narrow-leaved grass-like plants spaced densely enough to provide protection, but loosely enough to allow free movement.

Flight Season

From mid May to mid September. Most abundant in June and July.

Range and Status

Rare in Denmark.