All Sunny Days

The weather continues to be warm and sunny here in Denmark and three weeks have passed with no rain at all. So, it is getting pretty dry out there in nature, but still perfect conditions for dragonfly hunting, and I have taken every opportunity I have had to get out there with my camera.

I have mostly been visiting my local favorite spot Sebberup but I also went by Ryebro for the second time this season. This location is habitat of the two dragonfly species Gomphus vulgatissimus and Libellula fulva, both of them still to be found here later in the season but now all fully adult specimens.

I did not see many Gomphus vulgatissimus but Libellula fulva was very abundant especially at a nearby location next to a small river. Here I spotted at least 20 to 30 both males and females, several of them forming mating wheels.

New photos have been added to the gallery.