About a week ago I took advantage of one of the few days this season with real summer weather and visited the location Jenskær. This is a very beautiful place, just south of the city of Silkeborg, with both a lake, a small spring and a stream, all surrounded by forested hills.

The main attraction here, when it comes to dragonflies, is the Cordulegaster boltoni, which can be seen flying low over the stream and resting in the vegetation nearby. I have visited Jenskær a couple of times every season for several years now, and been lucky to see and photograph the Cordulegaster boltoni almost every time. It is a very large and beautiful dragonfly, easy recognizable by its black-and-yellow body pattern and the green eyes.

Another rare species present at this location is the Orthetrum coerulescens. I spotted it there some years ago but have not seen it since. That is until my latest visit, where I was lucky to see and photograph one male specimen.

New photos of both species have been added to the gallery.

Visiting Jenskær, a very beautiful location, I shot some photos of the Cordulegaster boltoni, a very large and majestic dragonfly. For the first time I also managed to photograph the female, which is very similar to the male, but even larger.

The photos have been added to the gallery.

The past week I have spent a lot of hours out in the warm sun hunting dragonflies with my camera. Most time I used in the area just south of the city of Silkeborg. Here there is a lot of lakes and good dragonfly habitats, inhabited by many different species including several rare ones like Cordulegaster boltoni, Orthetrum coerulescens and Gomphus vulgatissimus.

New photos of the following species have been added to the gallery: Orthetrum cancellatum, Aeshna isoceles, Libellula fulva, Orthetrum coerulescens, Somatochlora metallica, Cordulegaster boltoni, Aeshna grandis, Gomphus vulgatissimus and Cordulia aenea.

As the weather is finally getting warmer here in Denmark, the dragonflies are starting to show. Spring and summer have come very late this year.

Unfortunately I started this season by dropping and damaging my macro lens, a very stupid thing to do, and a lot of time was wasted getting it repaired.
Luckily it is now working again, and I have been out testing it the past couple of weeks, photographing dragonflies at several different locations: Rands Fjord, Bredal Kær, Jenskær, Brude Sø and Uldum Kær.

New photos of the following species have been added: Cordulia aenea, Libellula depressa, Erythromma najas, Ischnura elegans, Libellula quadrimaculata, Brachytron pratense and Leucorrhinia rubicunda.

The species Orthetrum coerulescens and Orthetrum cancellatum have been added to the portfolio.

More photos of the Cordulegaster boltoni have been added after a very successful dragonfly photo expedition to the area just south of the city of Silkeborg this Sunday.

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